Garage door repair at Richmond Hill

Having issues with your garage door? Our team of technicians in Richmond Hill is here to assist you with all your garage door repair and maintenance needs. Issues with your garage door can be the result of use, improper installation/maintenance, or more often simple wear and tear.

Here are some of most common areas of concern with garage door systems that would normally require repair or replacement:

  • Worn out or broken cables can cause the door to become uneven, shake loudly when lifted, or to get stuck entirely. With only one cable holding up the door, it may eventually crash down! This makes the regular maintenance of the garage door cable and drum an absolute must.
  • Worn out rollers can cause creaking sounds and make it harder for the door to move up and down, eventually leading it to become stuck. Never attempt to adjust rollers or realign tracks on your own. Always call a professional service such as Doors & Homes.
  • Torsion springs carry a large amount of weight to facilitate the smooth operation of heavy garage doors. This tension may cause the springs to snap and the door to get stuck or fall down. The mechanical energy stored in the spring can cause it to fly apart, so never try to adjust it yourself.
  • Faulty garage door openers or sensors may cause the garage door to open or close on its own. This can sometimes be fixed by reprogramming or resetting the system, but very often it’s recommended to replace the opener entirely, as older openers may continue to have issues.

When servicing your garage door, our goal is to eliminate any possibility of future problems which in turn will eliminate any possibility of accidents. To do that we adjust, lubricate, align, and fix all parts of both the garage door system. If our technicians identify worn out or damaged parts during the maintenance process, they will recommend either repair or replacing it, but regular maintenance can prevent or postpone the need to replace the door or any other component.

If required, our service team will sit down with you and walk you through the entire replacement process, from browsing our catalogs to completing the installation in a timely manner to your full and unreserved satisfaction. Just give us a call and we’ll be at your service