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Because Style and Safety Go Hand In Hand

We normally don’t think about them until they need fixing, but garage doors do so much for us: they protect our valuable items, help keep the warmth inside during winter, and improve the facade of our home. This is why we should never neglect our garage doors, and why it’s essential to choose a reliable garage door repair service provider who will always be there for you.

Whether you have an old door that has served you well for a decade or a brand new garage door installed, keep in mind that over time even the toughest of the garage door wears down. Occasional maintenance and repair can help maintain the different components of your system and avert the need for garage door replacement.

Doors & Homes repair teams are composed of responsible and professional garage door technicians that are always available for emergency repairs. Our repairmen come prepared and equipped with all replacement parts to quickly get the job done and make sure you don’t have to call anyone again for the same problem. With us you always get high-quality garage door repair services that ensure your property is safe and protected and looks like a picture out of a real estate magazine.

With us, you get the exact look you dream of for your house, a construction that meets your preferences, and a warranty on your installation that ensures your long term peace of mind.

Complete Service for Garage Door Repair in Toronto

Having a high-quality garage door carries many benefits, making its proper functioning imperative. There are various parts in a garage door that work together to guarantee safe opening and closing. Many of these components require maintenance and lubrication to increase their efficiency and reduce the wearing of hinges and bearings.

But often upgrading your door is both the safer and more economic solution. You can up your curb appeal to your home with stunning garage doors at Doors & Homes. Our years of experience providing quality services and our long-lasting products make us the best Toronto garage door repair provider near you.

Common Garage Door Problems

Avoid unnecessary repairs or loss by choosing Doors & Homes for the best and most affordable garage door repair service in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area. If you encounter any of the following problems, reach out to us and get your garage doors fixed to prevent more serious damage.

Noisy garage door

There are many reasons for the garage door to make unbearable noise, but they all hint at one thing, REPAIR! Although easy to ignore and forget about, strange sounds and noises serve to warn us of the problem snowballing into something bigger, encouraging us to get the door fixed with regular maintenance or a replacement of certain parts like the tracks or the rollers before any damage or accident can occur.

Faulty garage door opener

Doors & Homes technicians are trained and equipped to fix all manner of issues with your garage door opener. Normally, problems with the opener can be fixed by programming it or replacing the sensors, but for machines that are long past their warranty period replacing the entire system may often be the best way to go. Whether it needs fixing or replacing, we’ll make sure your garage door opener is updated and functional so that you or anyone else doesn’t get stuck inside or outside the garage.

Safety concerns

Garage doors that are poorly kept can eventually come crashing down, potentially causing injury. Having a properly functioning garage door opener installed helps reduce such accidents, but the most important thing is to never attempt to perform garage door repairs without a certified professional present! Damaged or improperly handled torsion springs and cables can snap and fly off violently. Always call a professional garage door repair service before trying to fix or replace these parts.

Damaged springs

Garage doors are counterbalanced by extension springs connected to the cables and pulleys. The springs provide a counterforce to the door weight so that they can be raised and lowered using little effort by hand or through the assistance of an automatic garage door opener. Since the springs are under constant pressure, they wear out with time. You know when the springs wear out as you require more force to lift the door or you find yourself struggling with the garage door opener. As we mentioned before, please do not attempt to replace or repair the springs without the help of a garage door technician.

These are just some of the issues that would indicate that it’s probably time to call a garage door professional. With Doors & Homes you’ll always get the best garage door repair service in Toronto and the GTA.

Why You Need Garage Door Repairs And Maintenance

Garage doors require the same amount of attention and upkeep as other parts of your house. Make sure that it is in top working condition so that you can enjoy the benefits that having a stylish and robust garage door offers. The benefits of repairing or upgrading your garage door, but are not limited to:

– Securing vehicle and other property
– Providing insulation, energy savings
– Keeping residents safe from injury
– Raising the value of your home
– Impressing your neighbors

pedestrian garage doors

Increases Overall Convenience

A good garage door prevents hot, cold, rain, and snow from entering or leaving your home through the garage. A garage door with a pedestrian walk-through even makes it possible to enter and exit the garage without lifting the entire door. Neglecting it may compromise the safety of your vehicle as well as expose your house to changing weather conditions.

Keeps Rust at Bay

There are many cables and springs in a garage door that can be damaged or become rusty with time due to lack of maintenance, causing them to fail. Early action will save your time and money on future garage door repairs that, if left unaddressed, can malfunction and affect other components.

Prevents Gaps Between the Door and Floor

With time gaps appear due to warping that water and other elements cause. These areas require proper sealing so that the risk of rodents, critters, and intruders is reduced.

Spares You Unexpected Repairs

Through maintenance, you save yourself from the sudden cost of repairs that result due to negligence or postponing of the maintenance. Simple prevention methods save your garage door from becoming entirely dysfunctional.

Garage Door Related Injuries

If you do not get timely garage door repairs, you expose yourself and those around you to the following dangers that can sometimes even prove to be fatal. Doors and Homes as the best Toronto garage door repair company, advises timely maintenance, repair, and monitoring to ensure that the following are prevented:

  • The accidental lowering of the garage door due to malfunctioning sensors or component failures can injure those standing underneath the door. You must keep an eye on children and educate them of the possible hazards that playing around the garage door can cause
  • Fingers getting caught in a garage door is a common accident that causes severe injury. Make certain that no one is near the garage door when it is operating
  • Sometimes people get locked in the garage if the springs are problematic. Loose, rusting, or cracked springs can cause injuries as well as stop working, which can get someone trapped inside the garage. If there is no access to the inside of the house or you don’t have a key, getting locked inside a garage can be very hazardous especially in winter.

Why Doors & Homes?

  • When you call Doors & Homes, a customer service representative and a technician will be assigned to make sure that you always get the best and most expedient service available and will never have to chase after garage door companies again.
  • Doors & Homes technicians are trained and equipped to fix all common garage door problems. The experts at Doors and Homes both repair and install garage doors and will make sure that you have long-term peace of mind in case your garage door ever requires repairs.
  • A sectional garage door is a sophisticated system that requires several components to work smoothly in sync. Sometimes what seems like a quick fix can turn out to be a serious issue, or God forbid cause serious injury. Never hesitate to call Doors and Homes for assistance, no matter how of a DIY enthusiast you are.

So whatever issue you may be facing, whether you need an emergency same-day repair, some preventative maintenance, or a fancy brand new door, reach out to a reliable Toronto garage door repair and installation service provider like Doors & Homes Canada, which has the right people, the right tools, and the right expertise